Studio Mastering

We offer high-quality studio mastering service where we ensure that your recordings are sonically on par with the big sound released by the majors. Do not overlook this important stage. This process is usually done prior to mass duplication. Mastering is the job of trained ears. It involves careful fine-tuning, equalizing, compression, limiting, noise reduction, bass & volume management. We begin by analyzing your sound recording to see what needs to be applied. Every Song Is Treated Differently.

In a brief what we do:

  • attentively listening to all tracks individually and figuring out the useless material
  • rendering to all tracks individually through hardware processor Digital dynamic Processor 24/32bit with precise correction of the levels
  • editing if needed with elastic audio technology
  • adding of reverb and delay, using the best impulses/responses
  • adding of EQ, Stereo Enhancer, Compressor and etc. individually
  • fine balance of all levels and mix in minimum 6 dynamic stages, until we reached the best transparency and dimensionality
  • high-quality Mixdown Export into a final mixed stereo track, without adding of dithering in the format: 24/32bit 48kHz (or less/more depending on the initial files) and -6dB output level
  • pre-mastering - some needed processing before you step forward to mastering

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